“Don’t let the dark force controls your mind!”

by Michael Gunawan


Universal Business Academy made it again!

Yup, we successfully held the 5th Art of War – International Workshop at Jesselton University College in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 26-27th May 2023. The first day, as always, began with the first trainer, the one and only Mr. Khoo Kheng-hor, the maestro of Sun Tzu’s Art of War tactics. If last year, he spoke about winning without fighting for leadership. This year, he expanded the topic to “Teamwork.”

The phrase “Don’t let the dark force control your mind” is what stuck in my mind since then. I personally find this sentence to be quite intriguing because the majority of us who hold leadership positions, work in teams, or have relationships encounter unpleasant issues or challenges frequently, which can cause us to lose control and do inappropriate actions that might have unfavourable consequences.

Then, Mr. Khoo pointed out, you should pause and consider “Is it necessary to use your anger in facing the matters?” when something awful occurs or when you are having a hard time. Begin to plant this in your head, “I should say it nicely,”. If you accomplish this, you are winning from the “dark force” and, I have to say, you’ve just established harmony in your place of business, house, or relationship.

    The second day of the workshop’s topic on entrepreneurial and growth management, which was raised by Dr. Maricor, furthered Mr. Khoo’s insightful discussion of Sun Tzu’s art of war methods by stating that entrepreneurs should:

    1. Start SMART
    2. Have powerful strategies and strength
    3. Sustainability to survive
    4. Significance to Standout

    She continued by saying that an entrepreneur should be able to “adapt to change” in light of the current globalisation and how the market tends to shift.

    “A business must start out small in order to grow stronger”.

    Dr. Maricor took an example of the current issue where most people today are rushing to launch their own business or organisation because they constantly compare themselves to others. You may see that your friends have successful businesses, enjoy luxurious lives, and employ hundreds of people in a large building, but you will never know how much money they are spending on other things. Your business won’t be able to endure over the long run if you continually pushing yourself to perform the same tasks beyond your capacity. As a result, it’s crucial that you start small and quit comparing yourself to others.

    These subjects are a wake-up call for everyone because they may be applied not just at job but also, possibly, in your relationship. And we are grateful that each year, brilliant and talented students attend the Art of War International Workshop.

    The trip and all of the activities strengthened our relationships and turned them into wonderful memories that we will never forget. We appreciate the participation of everyone, especially Jesselton University College and our fantastic trainers.

    All we have left to say is that we hope the best for you and cannot wait to see you on top!

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