Profiling Needs and Self Development

by Jessie Liew


Being an Executive Program Advisor in UBA means there are countless interactions with working executives, business owners and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, who would like to embark into the Masters and Doctorate journey. These are successful individuals, who are subject matter experts in their respective fields, no doubt about it! But what drives them to return to academic realm, again? What ticked their minds?

They have looked beyond their current state, they are few steps ahead, they challenge status quos. That is what in their minds. A successful individual does not equate to comfort zone, does not stop learning, does not cease innovating. There is a widespread misconception: going back to school requires high commitment and will inevitably slow down career progress, or life in general. It is, in fact, the exact opposite. Executive Program springboards them, and they know it.

Every individual takes up Executive Programs for various reasons: I want to build up my profile and status, I want to advance into Management positions in my career, I want to become a reputable consultant etc. Having these reasons, whatever it may be, is the key driver to form the commitment to achieve. Now the commitment is solid and honestly, the struggle is real. Because there are so many things to do with so little time. The answer is, to choose wisely. Choose the Program that can flexibly fit in your schedules, that let you work and study actively, that helps you to deliver the commitment. This is the one and only reason UBA has the Executive Programs delivered fully online with interactive virtual classes with Professors.

As a matter of fact, personal branding, self-development, and individual profiling, one cannot be achieved without the other. Reaching Post-grad level, the individual has accumulated many years of working and/or business experiences and attained certain personal branding but this only brings him or her so far. Executive Program is a path to elevate and solidify that branding via self-development – it magnifies and accelerates. It completes the profile, and the sky is your limit. And, this is the one and only reason UBA Executive Programs only takes 12 months to complete.


We have to all agree, that Executive Programs are the next level “academy”. Some, who have attended or are attending the classes, say it is a jumpstart to open up the mind for new things, new way to see and analyse things. No more studious classroom, no more spoon-feeding. Research, case studies, business plans, debates, and deliberations are your expectations. Don’t get us wrong, these classes still go through the conventional study materials, lectures, and assignments. But what actually gives new perspectives, are the “classmates” who participate in the class and contribute to the discussions. Hence, UBA selection of Executive Programs applicants is not just a submit-and-approve scenario – recommendation letters, review on results from last qualifications, and other due diligence processes are crucial to ensure the quality of students we get onboard, to form an effective class.

It does not matter where the individuals are from, which industry working in, which level or band of rank. Key thing never changed – it is not just what you know (technically), it is who you associate with too. This is how Executive Programs help the individuals to build a network of professionals, a group of like-minded people. Without a doubt, this is the eventual part of self-branding and profiling, for any career progression or business ventures.

Life is like running a marathon, the only difference is, it is not a competition as everyone is running it at different pace. But what is more important, is to take a pit-stop to regenerate and move forward. Executive Programs are the pit-stops, it does not slow you down, but to push you to your next limit.

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