20th October 2019 – has become one of the greatest graduations that UBA has held. As we want extraordinary graduation where all graduands can feel so special and of course to dress up really nice during the graduation day so we chose “Oscars” as our theme this year. Well, let us tell you a crazy little secret about this year’s graduation! Something that you don’t know during preparation before the day. We had a lot of troubles; preparation still uncompleted 2 days before graduation, very last minute brief with the event organizer, a lot of changes from the menu arrangement, and the scariest part was the stage backdrop printed and prepared 12 hours before the event started. It was like a roller coaster for us, as we scared that this event would be disappointed since students were very excited and put a high expectation. But, we must say that by God’s grace everything felt like magic, “Abracadabra” and “poof” everything looks well-prepared and pretty. *Fiuhh Thank God!

This year’s graduation brought up something new to the graduands and us as well. Since the theme is OSCARS, so we want to have some awards for the graduands as what the real Oscars do. And finally, we decided to have 3 awards for the graduands and even our staff;

  1. UBA Determination Goal Award: Amy Sim Li Ling (Winner)
  2. UBA Most Inspirational Award: Siti Kasturi (Winner)
  3. CEO Appreciation Award: Trisno Photography (Winner)

Conferment & Valedictory Speech

Our tradition every year, we want to make sure that all the graduands could memorize the moment and they are able to use or even improve their public speaking, we allow them to give the valedictory speech right after they received their certificate on the stage and even ask their family, and partners to come to the stage to take some photos together. Yeah, you are right! because this is the precious moment of their life too, so they deserve to capture this moment to show o their grand grand child in the future.

It was an honour for us to make that day happened, all the smiles from parent, families, loved ones, and the graduands made this graduation day even brighter and full of joy. And again, it was by God’s grace we could run this event successfully. Thank you for all the people who had contributed their hard work for this event. We’ll see you again on the graduation of 2020!.

Thank you~

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