Accounting involves recording and analysing transactions to show their effects on the financial position of an enterprise; such data is essential in controlling its finances. But a manager must go further, and ‘read’ (interpret) accounting data accurately, and then use it wisely in planning and in controlling the operations of the enterprise and in decision making, which are all essential for its prosperity and survival. This Program does not train bookkeepers or accountants. It teaches modern managers to understand and/or control bookkeeping or accounting colleagues and subordinates, and to make effective use of available accounting data.

This Undergraduate Level 4 (Accounting and Finance) and Level 5 (Extended Diploma in Management) are a 240 credit course designed to fast track students to the final year of an associated Undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting, which can either be completed at a UK university on campus or via distance learning.

Entry Requirements

Program entrance requirement:

  1. A level qualification or equivalent
  2. Aged 19 and above


Module Structure

The level 4 modules & assignments of this course are equivalent to the first year of a University Degree and the Level 4 modules& assignments are equivalent to the second year of a University Degree

Level 4 – Semester 1 (10 Months)


  • The business environment 
  • Managing & Using Finance
  • Maximizing resources to achieve business success
  • Quantitive skills
  • Basic accounting
  • Budgetary control
  • Financial performance
  • Financiial ratios
  • Financial statements
  • Further ratios

Level 5 – Semester 2 (10 Months)


  • The entrepreneurial manager
  • Organization structures
  • Maximizing resources to achieve
  • Practical accounting analysis
  • Business planning & goal setting
  • Politics & business
  • Business law
  • Managing today’s world
  • Performance management
  • Marketing & sales planning
  • Quantitive skills

Course Duration: 18 months – 24 months

Grading System
  • This course is made up of 10 modules for level 4 (120 credits) and 10 modules for level 5  (120 credits), each level also includes 10 written assignments. If a student decides to only study at level 4, tjey will receive 120 credits and can apply for an exemption from the first year of a university degree course.
  • Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours of optional learning material. These materials comprise recommended exercises, recommend readings and internet resources.

The assignments are approximately 5.000-8.000 words each

Career Path
Upon Successful Completion Of This Course:
  • Diploma in Accounting & Finance (in Business & Management)
    Issued by ATHE, United Kingdom.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification equated to the British National framework of :
    Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification to apply a job in finance, accounting, marketing, business consultancy at Supervisory and Managerial levels.
  • Apply for Degree programs.
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