Diploma in Business Management – Self Study, CIC

Success in business today depends on more than just the ability to produce and/or sell products. A modern business manager or administrator must also be proficient in managing finance, accounts, human resource, purchasing, marketing, stock control, office organisation and control, computerisation, communications, and  much more. This unique Program is designed not only for those seeking managerial posts in business, but also for those intending to establish their own businesses, and for those already running businesses need the expert guidance to ensure full PROFITABILITY in modern industry and commerce. It contains many valuable “tips” from successful business owners and managers.

Level 4 endorsed by EALP (Evaluation & Accreditation of Learning Providers)
A Professional Development Programme Accredited Qualification

Entry Requirements

UK Higher National Diploma(HDN) program entrance requirement:

  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, and
  2. Completed Secondary School, or
  3. Certificate with at least 3 years working experience.


Module Structure

Major Topics:

– Health and safety in the workplace.
– Office management, production management.
– Business organisation, factors in a business location.
– Working capital, cash and funds flow; the business plan.
– Credit limits and credit control, discounts: trade and quantity.
– Planning and forecasting in business, budgeting and budgetary control.
– Capital and the financing of businesses, sources of capital and share issue.
– Management of personnel: recruiting, selecting, training and remunerating.
– Business units: sole-proprietors, partnership firms and limited liability companies.
– Principles of selling, sales and marketing management, sales promotion and pricing.

Course Module:

1.Planning and Forecasting
2.Capital and the Financing of Business
3.Factors to be Considered in starting a Business
4.Business Organisation
5.Budgets and Budgeting, Pricing Policy
6.Credit Control and Discounts

7.The Management of Personal
8.Stock & Inventory Control
9.Sales and Marketing
10.Production Management and Industrial Administration
11.Financial Accounting
12.Office Organisation and Control

Course Duration: Minimum 6 – 12 months 


Grading System
To gain your Diploma you need to sit and pass an Examination. 
Full and clearer details about this are provided to you in your Study & Training Guide, after you have enrolled.  The clear information explains when, where and how your examination will be arranged – it is a simple and straightforward process, where hundreds of thousands of other leaners have successfully gone through.  If you study well and follow the advice in the Study & Training Guide, then you should be able to achieve high marks and good grades, and obtain your prestigious International Diploma!
Career Paths
Upon Successful Completion Of This Course:
1. Diploma in Business Management
Issued by Cambridge International College, United Kingdom.
2. Have attained an accredited qualification equated to the British National framework of :
Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.
3. Have attained an accredited qualification for Supervisory and Managerial levels.
4. Apply for Degree programs.
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