Executive Diploma in Business Administration

Success in business today depends on more than just the ability to produce and/or sell products. A modern business manager or administrator must also be proficient in managing finance, accounts, human resource, purchasing, marketing, stock control, office organisation and control, computerisation, communications, and very much more.

This unique Program is designed not only for those seeking managerial posts in business, but also for those intending to establish their own businesses, and for those already running businesses who need expert guidance to ensure full PROFITABILITY in modern industry and commerce. It contains many valuable “tips” from successful business owners and managers.

Entry Requirements
  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, and
  2. Completed Secondary School, or
  3. Certificate with at least 3 years work experience.
Module Structure
 Course Module
1.Business Projections
2.Capital Management
3.Business Organisations
4.Budgeting & Financial Planning
5.Human Resource Management
6.Inventory Management
7.Sales & Marketing
8.Production & Operation Management

Assignment Based (2000-3000 words)

Duration of Study

5 months
– 4 Assignments
1.Business Projections
2.Capital Management
3.Business Organisations
4.Human Resource Management
– 3 Discussion
1.Budgeting & Financial Planning
2.Inventory Management
3.Production & Operation Management
– Presentation
1. Sales & Marketing
Learning Outcomes

The curriculum, which is developed and designed to stress both theoretical and practical aspects to cater to working adults’ needs to enhance their knowledge and skills in related fields. All courses are carried out on weekends. The learning and teaching methods comprise lectures, discussions, group presentations, exercises, videos and case studies. All these methods are enhanced through the use of various teaching aids.

Progression Routes
Upon Succesful Completion Of This Course: 
  • Upon your successful completion, you will receive Certificate Award of Executive Diploma in Business Administration jointly developed with Chartered Association of Continuing Education (CACE, Hong Kong) and validated by Jesselton University College, JUC.
  • Additional award from ILM, UK (Optional)
  • Have attained an accredited qualification for Supervisory and Managerial levels.
  • Apply for Degree programs or EMBA programs.


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