I learned English in Universal Business Academy (UBA) for 3 months. It was a very good experience for me. The teacher taught me kindly. When I could not understand how to write a letter, she showed me some examples to write. So I could write e-mails to my friend in Malaysia. I appreciate the teacher for guiding me. 

Thank you UBA


Program: Intensive English Program – Intermediate level

I have completed the course of Baccalaureate in Business Management at UBA in 2015.
This course is fantastic and my intention is to enhance myself to be more knowledgeable and to apply such knowledge on my career.
The knowledge I have gained from this course is a great treasure. 

Boosted up my confidence in all the areas of my job. Accredited by employers and the course supported me  to go up to higher rank.
Achieved this course’s standard had led me to a mature stage. It was a great learning journey and came out with so much better off. 

Thank you UBA


Program: Baccalaureate in Business Management

I’m a Sri Lankan., yet I was truly delighted with your care and support towards me. As a student, we always interact socially among our classmates and our respective teacher. This learning centre has demonstrated the love of Christ to the students. They are very caring and supportive to us. No word to explain about my thanks towards the centre and the lecturer as she has played a great role in molding me. Thank you for your effort in serving the Lord. May God continue to bless those efforts.


Program: Intensive English Program

My Bachelor in Human Resource Administration (BHA) study with British Academics was a very enriching experience. I find the modules really core & enlightening, as it broadened my horizon deeper in the Business and Administrative field. It has equipped & propelled me greatly in embarking currently on my MBA program. The staffs are well composed, really dynamic, qualified, with a pleasant student / staff communication that connotes a “feel good” environment for a higher learning institution.


Program: Baccalaureate In Human Resource Administration


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