Congratulations on completing your international programmes with UBA! You are invited to the UBA Graduation ceremony to receive your certification direct from UK award at the TROVE Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia!

Congratulations on completing your programmes from UK! You are invited to the UBA Graduation ceremony to receive your certification direct from UK award at the TROVE Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia!

Bring along your family and friends to rejoice over your success together with Universal Business Academy. There will be an opportunity for you to all have professional photographs in your cap and gown as well as some fun shots in our photo booth! Refreshments will be available for you all to enjoy. There will also be an opportunity to purchase some of our UBA memorabilia to help you remember this exciting moment once in a lifetime as well as your time as an UBA student.

If you have any further questions please read the Frequently Ask Questions page or contact us on graduation@uba.online or Call +607-333 5111.

Best Regards,

Dr. Shirley Tan

Director of Universal Business Academy


We look forward to celebrating your success and seeing you at your graduation









Event Details

Date: 20th October 2019
Time: 8:30 am
Venue: TROVE Hotel, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Dress Code

Men: Suit & Tie
Women: Cocktail Dress

Graduation Photography

Our professional photographers Venus Bridal Selection will be available on the day for you to have individual portrait shots as well as photographs with friends and family. Photographs will also be available of you walking over the stage.

Each graduate is eligible to receive one 4’x 6’(4R) personal photo without frame. You may also pre-order your photograph packages before the graduation day. Portrait and group photographs will take around 30 working days to process. Please refer to the following details and information to pre-order any photography packages:

8 x 12’(8R) with frame at RM150

12 x 16’(12R) with frame at RM200

16 x 20’(16R) with frame at RM400


List of hotels which are convenient and nearby the venue 



Who can I contact if I have any graduation questions?

Phone us at +607.333 5111 or email at graduation@uba.online


When is my graduation?

20th October 2019.


How many guests am I allowed to bring?

Two guests per graduand ticket are allowed to bring in the hall. However, additional guest tickets order is welcome. 


What if my guests and/or I require a visa to attend the graduation ceremony?

Once you confirm your attendance you will be sent an invitation letter that can be used for visa applications. You are required to apply for the visa yourself for the ceremony. It is not UBA’s decision as to how long the visa will be for.


Will I be able to collect my certificate and transcript at my graduation ceremony?

Your degree documentation will be issued after graduation ceremonies. If you have any queries  please contact our registry department on +607.333 5111 or email graduation@uba.online to arrange for them to be posted to your home address.


What if my guests and/or I are unable to attend the graduation after booking?

If you and/or your guests are unable to attend the graduation after booking as a result of a visa refusal or mitigating circumstances, no refund is possible. Please email us the proof of your circumstances to  graduation@uba.online and we will be happy to discuss this with you further.

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