Influencing Skills

Wednesday, 25th February 2020

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Influencing skills are the combined skills of presenting information and ideas logically, truthfully and clearly, and in such a way that the other person can understand your idea and to agree with you; and presenting yourself in a way that is professional and acceptable to another person, so that they feel favourably disposed to you and your information and ideas.

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Influencing Skills Definition

Understanding of the real definition of Influencing and its power.

Examples of Influencing

Knowing the examples of Influencing in daily life, workplace, and even business.

Influencing's Elements

The things and the tools that you should have in order to have the power to influence.

Unsuccesful Influencing

The reasons why people unsuccessful in attempting to influencing others.

Processes To Influence

Step by step of how to become influence and learn by cases to cases.

Creating Win-Win Situation

How you could create win-win situation with others so you and them would gain benefits.


Definition about negotiation and skills that you need to become a successful negotiator?


How to influence people through networking; family, friends, colleagues, team, & manager.

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