Degree in Business

Level 4 & 5


Degree in Business, Level 4 & 5

Awarded by Qualifi, UK

Qualifi is a leading 21st-century Awarding Organisation founded to meet the developing education and training needs of learners and employers from the UK and around the globe serving the needs of learners and employers in the UK and worldwide every year.

We identified a growing demand for consistent and credible academic qualifications and awards as the economy became more competitive and global in nature – especially in many fast-paced industry sectors.

Qualifi works with a growing number of sector skills councils, professional associations, and employers to identify mission-critical learning requirements and assess outcomes of programmes to achieve a consistent and recognised professional and academic standards.

As the result, it shows a growing number of UK and internationally recognised qualifications that reflect workforce and professional areas of needed competency.


Degree in Business

Fast Track

You could complete this degree in business program within 16 months only. Both levels 4 and 5 consists of 6 modules with a study duration of 8 months for each level.

100% No Exam

It is assignment-based, so you won’t be so stressed sitting in the exam room for hours trying to memorize all the material that had been given to you.

Flexible Class

Your classes will be conducted online via Zoom, once a week on the weekend. So it enables you to study and work at the same time.  All materials for this course are provided only and a 24-hours accessible.

Globally Recognized

Once completing the program, you could continue to go for further study at any UK university for top-up to level 6 with UBA or with any UK university e.g. Lincoln University, University of Bolton, etc.

About The Program

The level 4 Certificate provides an introduction to the main facets and operations of organisations. It introduces the challenges faced by modern day businesses. The Qualification focuses upon developing understanding, skills and abilities to equip the Learner with the awareness and aptitudes to be an effective organisational manager and leader.

Where the level 5 brings you to deals with complex and challenging organisational issues and opportunities. The units are closely linked to current day real world and work challenges and the Qualification will test and develop student’s workplace experience and abilities. The Qualification will require learners to make judgments and provide creative and practical solutions and ways of responding to organisational challenges and problems. An action based approach will be sought and learners who have strong motivation to progress in their chosen career and business pathway will gain significantly from the qualification.

This Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management is a 240 credit course designed to fast track students to the final year of an associated Undergraduate BA in Business and Management, which can either be completed on campus or via distance learning. The course is made up of 6 modules for level (120 credits) and 6 modules for level 5 (120 credits). 

Upon your completion of this program, it will give you the right credentials to go on and apply for a job in marketing, accounting, human resources, management or business consultancy.

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Our accreditations provide an assurance to students, educators, and institutions that our university offers quality degrees, diploma and certificate programs and all our offered programs follow international education standards.

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Degree in Business


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