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A pragmatic and advance education that led by award winning entrepreneurs

100% online

This executive program is conducted 100% online – virtual live-streaming class via the most up-to-date platform to fully support and give the best experience just like you are sitting in the class with the trainers. Meanwhile, you will be able to access the class anywhere with a flexible class time schedule that allows you to study and work at the same time.

Designed for Professionals

An Executive DBA, which was conceived by professors at the UBA, is a curriculum designed for business owners or managers who remain professionally active and wish to complete a program based on their managerial experience and researched-based reflection. In this degree managerial orientation is essential.

Why You Should Take This Executive DBA


This programme can be completed as fast as 12 months only

Grow Business Network

You will meet a lot of CEOs, entrepreneurs, top managerial people who will become your trainer, or your classmate

Stronger Profile

Not only receiveng certificate, you will also receive a fellowship title from IAM, UK as a professional in your industry

Professional Trainers

Not just academicians, but you will have the chance to be taught by Experts & Award Winning CEOs and Entrepreneurs


High Passing Rate

This program is 100% assignment based, no exam. Your opportunity to pass this program is absolutely high.

In-line With Industry Needs

Every modules from this program are set to be in-lined with the industry needs, current situation and cases.

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) is a Professional Executive Develop Program for top management level with master degree qualifications seeking to deepen their understanding of the core elements of general management and business administration.
Taking an applied approach within a flexible learning environment, the curriculum is designed around integrated knowledge to challenge business professionals in the issues of day-to-day operations and strategic planning; both locally and internationally. The EDBA is offered by Stamford and delivered by UBA, the final award is validated by NBUC.


Study Mode: Online, Seminar & Workshop

Credential:North Borneo University College is the first private university college in Sabah which is registered with Ministry of Education Malaysia and is a Full Member of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), UK.


Entry Requirements

Candidates must meet the following criteria to apply for the Executive DBA program:

• Proficiency in the English language*
• IELTS Score: 6.5
• TOEFL Score: 85
• C1 level according to CEFR
• Master’s degree or equivalent
• Transcripts from previous studies
• Pass entrance exam (Written and Oral Exam)
• At least five years managerial experience

*Applicants from non-English speaking countries must also provide a language certificate: IELTS score of 6.5 points, TOEFL score of 85 points or take the English language test offered by UBA University. Students can also participate in UBA’s Advance English program before starting their studies.


Module Structure

Duration: 12 months

  • Managing Operations Strategically
  • Organising Work and Human Resources
  • Managing Strategic Marketing
  • Management Science & System
  • Advanced Company Consultancy Project
Graduation Requirements

For a student to be awarded the Executive DBA, the students must:
• Pass all assignments
• Successful on the company consultancy project

Learning Outcomes

Career Outcomes: Executive positions in management and administration for profit and non-profit organisations with doctorate title.

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Our accreditations provide an assurance to students, educators, and institutions that our university offers quality degrees, diploma and certificate programs and all our offered programs follow international education standards.


“It’s a flexible study and cost-effective”
Teo Chai Chap
Operation Manager of Sabah Shell,
Student of EDBA Batch 17,


Executive Doctorate In Business Administration

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