“Breaking Barriers: UBA and Joyous Partner to Launch Professional Diploma in Special Education”

by Michael Gunawan


In a groundbreaking collaboration, UBA (Universal Business Academy) and Joyous have come together to address the pressing needs of parents with children who have special needs. Understanding the challenges faced by these families, UBA and Joyous have embarked on a significant initiative to develop and offer a new program: the Professional Diploma in Special Education. This program is set to make a difference in the lives of special children and their families by providing certified professionals who can cater to their unique educational requirements.

Endorsement by Learning Resource Network (LRN), UK: A Seal of Quality

What sets this program apart is its endorsement by the Learning Resource Network (LRN), a prestigious educational organization based in the UK. LRN’s endorsement ensures that the Professional Diploma in Special Education meets high educational standards and is internationally recognized. This accreditation provides assurance to parents and caregivers, highlighting the program’s quality and credibility.

Addressing the Unheard Voices

We recognize the struggles of parents with special needs children, often facing a lack of resources and specialized education. This program aims to bridge the gap, ensuring that every child, regardless of their abilities, receives the education and support they deserve. By offering a professional certification in special education, UBA and Joyous are empowering educators to approach their roles with patience, empathy, and expertise, creating a nurturing environment for these exceptional children.

LRN Extension Agreement: UBA Designated as Authorized Partner Centre

In a testament to the credibility and commitment of UBA, the CEO of LRN has signed an extension agreement, appointing UBA as the authorized partner center. This partnership reaffirms UBA’s dedication to providing quality education and support to special needs children and their families.

The Impact on Society

The launch of the Professional Diploma in Special Education marks a significant milestone in our society’s journey toward inclusivity and understanding. By investing in the professional development of educators, UBA and Joyous are fostering an environment where special children can thrive, learn, and contribute meaningfully to their communities. We believe that this initiative will create a lasting impact, breaking down barriers and empowering the unheard voices of parents and children with special needs.

UBA and Joyous are committed to making a positive change, one that echoes beyond the classrooms and into the hearts of families. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey, working together to build a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.

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