InternationaL workshop

Art of war’6.0


at Jesselton University College, Kota Kinabalu – Sabah

19-20 Oct 2024


Those who are successful negotiators and mediators or team-builders know that a positive approach is crucial for harmonizing any inter-personal relationship. This Art of War – International Training Worskhop is specially designed not about how to fight  battle after battle, it is the things that you should know about “Winning a hundred victories in a hundred battles without FIGHTING”. Come and discover how you can win without fighting to bond with your team, family, and business associates.

What are The benefits?

  • Gain the best entrepreneurial and leadership insight from Award-Winning Speakers
  • Build a powerful network with business leaders from around the world
  • Practice the modern entrepreneurial and growth management
  • Obtain a professional certificate awarded by Jesselton University College

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“The biggest risk a person can take, is to do nothing at all”.

– Robert Kiyosaki

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunities. 

And in the midst of every problem that happen,

lies great solutions. 

Seek for new fulfilment; find your next anchor.

Be ready to seize the available opportunities to grow

and embrace the new “You”.


Workshop Outline

OBJECTIVE: To provide a refreshing perspective that will equip you with the knowledge to enhance your interpersonal skills for team-building.


  • Introduction: Understand the background of Sun Tzu’s Art of War in a nutshell.
  • The Reality of Organisation: Discover the reality of organisations in order to prepare for a win-without-
  • fighting mindset.
  • Three Building Blocks: Grasp the basic fundamentals of Harmony, Moral Law, and Heaven for effective team-building.
  • Win-Without-Fighting Strategies: Learn the various ways of using Sun Tzu’s strategies positively to foster greater understanding and cooperation between people and provide more synergy.

Meet The speaker

Mr. Khoo Kheng-Hor

– Author/Internationally Acclaimed Speaker
– Consultant to the Singapore Police Force(1995-2019)

Khoo Kheng-Hor “hung up his sword” in 1999 when he was 43 years old, to quit the corporate world for a carefree life in his mountain sanctuary, with his wife, Judy, and Bandit (a Yorkshire terrier). He has published 40 books. They comprise 32 business and management (most are based on the 500 BC Sun Tzu’s Art of War) , three Christian books, four novels and a a collection of short stories. Two of the novels were nominated for the International IMPAC-Dublin Literary Award in 2006 and 2011

After Judy passed away in 2007, followed by Bandit in 2010, Khoo, being a sought-after speaker on Sun Tzu’s Art of War in contemporary business and management at corporate in-house seminars and conferences, still travels some five to 10 days each month throughout the region to “suntzunize” his audience.

As a consultant/trainer to the Singapore Police Force since 1995, he was conferred the rank of a honorary Assistant Superintendent of Police in 1997, and promoted to Deputy Superintendent in 2009

Pg. FDr. Hishamuddin Alli

– Founder / Managing Director, Pakar Tenaga Bersatu
– HSSE Trainer, HSSE Officer (SHENA)/Consultant

He first started his career in the Oil and Gas Industry after finishing his Honours Degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom in 1994. He After 16 years in Brunei Shell Petroleum, he had consolidated his operational and technical knowledge experience into the technical safety engineering discipline.

By this time, he had founded Syarikat Pakar Tenaga Bersatu (PTB) for theprovision of Internationally accredited Technical and Vocational Education.

He was conferred by Royal Institution Singapore (RIS), in June 2018 as a Fellow in Management, appointed as International Visiting Professorial Fellow in September 2018 and was conferred a Fellow Doctor in Education in February 2019 in recognition of his role in promoting Technical and Vocational Education in Brunei and his tireless efforts in developing and recognition of Bruneians locally and internationally. He was subsequently awarded a Fellow Doctor in Management in July 2023.

He is a qualified HSSE trainer and consultant with extensive experience in technical and operational safety aspects. Being an experienced HAZID facilitator, a specialist in development of various Safety related studies and documentations especially with Safety Cases and HSSE Management systems qualifies him as an approved HSSE Officer by the Safety, Health, Environment National Authority (SHENA) of Brunei Darussalam.

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