“Sailing into Joy: The Unforgettable UBA Cruise Trip 2023”

by Michael Gunawan


After waiting for almost forever, the day finally arrived when the UBA team could have a company trip! I have to say it’s a mixed feeling; excited yet scared at the same time. Am I going to be the next Jack and the history of titanic will be repeated this time? *crying at the corner. I’m kidding.

UBA team departed on 28th August 2023 at 9.30am from Johor Bahru to the Spectrum of the Sea, Singapore. There are me, Nisa, Amy and her family, and also Dr. Shirley with her family  too. It’s my first time getting into a cruise and I thank UBA for giving us this opportunity.  Even though inside my heart, I kept on praying that I won’t have sea sick, cause mine is pretty bad tho~.

As we walked in to the ship I was amazed with how luxurious the cruise ship is. I could say my jaw dropped to the floor hahaha. 

The other things that struck us was the splendour of the main dining area. The atmosphere was elegant, and our taste buds danced as we ate every bite of their cuisine. To be honest, my table ordered everything in the menu, like literally EVERYTHING! For 2 times hehe.

Their staffs are so friendly and made us feel like in the bridgeton movie u know~

It was as if we had been teleported to a 5-star restaurant/hotel, and we were loving every minute of it. And of course thats not all, the entertainment here was nothing short of spectacular, with each performance leaving us in awe. The costumes, skillful singing, cool dance movements, technologies, and overall performance really amazes us to the bone. I can hear the kids kept on saying “wow” hundred times.

The second day of the trip me and Nisa went down to explore Penang and I became her tour guide to bring her around. We went to a very zen-ful cafe in town called “Jing Si Books & Cafe”.  We had our late afternoon tea and enjoyed our talks. 

After that we visited the most popular “Chew Jetty” to take some photos and buy souvenirs for our loved ones in JB. 

Perhaps what made this cruise truly special was the opportunity to connect with my colleagues on a personal level. This experience allowed us to strengthen our bonds, fostering a sense of unity that would undoubtedly enhance our teamwork back in the office. 

Laughters filled the air, and we found ourselves building friendships that extended beyond our professional roles. It was a gift that I personally cherished.

In the end, the UBA Cruise Trip 2023 was not just a company trip; it was a journey that brought us closer together, reminding us of the value of teamwork, friendship, and the joy of adventure. We set sail on a dream, and we returned with hearts full of cherished memories and a renewed sense of purpose as we continued to navigate the challenges of the business world together. And I do really hope that UBA one day could grow even bigger and things like this can be implemented regularly as a reward of our hard work and dedication 😉


Go check out the video below to see full experience of our cruise trip! Don’t forget to like it too!

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