The Success of Online Academy in Malaysia

by Michael Gunawan


8th December 2023 marked as the best closing of the year for Universal Business Academy and our graduates. It was more than just a normal graduation event, but it is a celebration of winning, and a media for us to witness how far an online academy like us – Universal Business Academy made an impact to someone else’s life. 

We once again demonstrate our commitment to the ideals that education should be accessible to all and that it should be a human right rather than a privilege by the achievement of our graduates. A 65-year-old man named Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohamed Fadzill gladly and proudly shared his journey with us. In just two years, he successfully earned his doctorate and executive master’s degrees. It completely dispels the myth that “old man” is incapable of studying. Besides, we also have Dr. Angus Poh, the CEO of BP Chiro who is the youngest doctorate graduate brought home the title as the winner of UBA annual award as the Most Inspiring Speech 2023.

UBA is not your run-of-the-mill academy; it’s extraordinary. We gave each graduate the spotlight to grace the stage and deliver their valedictory speech, not just showcasing their academic prowess but also honing their public speaking skills. Although, I must confess, I didn’t expect them bringing stacks of papers on stage – I initially thought it was their assignment tho~ (just kidding)

This year’s graduation took a leap into the future with the theme “META Graduation,” celebrating the success of online education and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Of course, no graduation would be complete without acknowledging our esteemed partners: Associate Prof. Desmond Lee from Jesselton University College, Prof. Dr. Siva Sundram from Spectrum International College of Technology, and Mr. Ian Khoo from Joyous Education.

Last but certainly not least, a heartfelt shoutout to the incredible UBA team – Amy, Nisa, and Shikin – your unwavering support from the graduation preparations to the big day itself has been nothing short of invaluable. UBA is truly fortunate to have such an amazing team. Cheers to success, growth, and an unforgettable graduation experience!


As this great moment is being commemorated by The Star News, you may read the full article here

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