Will getting an MBA make me rich?

by Jessie Liew


Ultimately, all that we invest, be it time, cost or effort, it should yield a return. We pay for an apple and we get an apple – that is equilibrium. For the price of an apple, we gain if we get an ounce of gold; we lose if we get an ounce of rice. Even for these exchanges, the worthiness of return is subjective. Simply, because we compare from our own narrow perspectives.

One of the most popular questions, will committing to an MBA lead to the glorious road of being rich? Legit but tricky question – how to measure rich? Is MBA the only way? If it’s not MBA, then what is? Worst, what if I became poorer after MBA? Contrary to the public and unpopular personal opinion, I think being rich is to live a long, happy and healthy life. Once a wise man shared with me, millionaires and billionaires have more pressure and insecurities in life than an ordinary person. Are they my true friends? Are they genuine relatives? Are my children safe outside? Is my own safety threatened? Ordinary lifestyle is extraordinarily hard for the rich and glamourous.

Now back to the million-dollar question – what if I just want to be rich CEO? Will MBA make me rich? Of course, it will. Truth to be told, even if you do not hold any Degree, you can still be billionaire. Look at Steve Jobs! The point is, MBA is not the only ingredient to being rich. And being rich is not the only definition to success in life. It takes grit, consistency, patience and persistence towards the vision. All the top 50 richest man on earth has one thing in common – they are passionate about bringing improvements and revolution to mankind. And this unthinkable vision to all of us, is something they have envisioned and own up a complete roadmap to achieve it.

Having the top 50 richest man in mind, the reflection moment is to ask ourselves, do I have a roadmap to achieve the final destination? What have I achieved in the past few years at work? How is my field of work evolving and how would it affect my field of study for MBA? Which school helps me with flexibility in terms of time and cost? What research thesis would I be focusing on next in order to stay relevant and up-to-date after my graduation? Should I stay on in the current company after graduation or move on and up? What is my bargaining chip or niche in my career or the overall industry?


Investing time and money into MBA will certainly bring you progression in career advancement. From the last article I have shared, Executive programs (including MBA) springboard individuals to the next career goal or personal aspiration. The certification provides an attestation to the work experience and skills the individuals have acquired along the years. Having this solid background, it gives assurance on your capabilities and moving up the ladder is relatively smoother, as compared to those without. MBA does not guarantee wealth but it does lead you to a sturdier corporate ladder for higher position. So, if higher position in a company means a few ranks higher in monetary term, then yes you are on the right track to the life of rich and glamorous.

The ingredients in the pot are Grit, Consistency, Patience and Persistence.

The pot that is cooking them, is the MBA Program.

And the wood fire underneath, is the passion.

Having all the right amount of ingredients inside a cool pot, but with little to no fire, the result of the bowl of soup will be mediocre or tasteless. Bear in mind, the pot should not be the main consideration here, because it is a tool that can be replaced. Having the great fire and the right ingredient is.

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