International ESOL by LRN, UK (CEFR & OFQUAL Regulated)

The best way to improve your understanding of the English language is to enrol into one of Universal Business Academy’s English language courses. We offer ESOL programs which come in two different courses, depending on your current skill level:

  • Basic level – If you have only limited English and want to be able to understand basic English language and vocabulary.
  • Intermediate level – If you have some knowledge of English and are able to speak and write to one person in familiar situations (with some help)
  • Advance level (for students who are able to communicate fluently in the English language, IELTS level 6-8)

Entry Requirements



(Kindly refer to the link for entry test as  evaluation of your English proficiency.)

Module Structure

ESOL program covers four core skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The program emphasises on practical communication, language fluency and self-confidence, by building up a solid vocabulary and grammar foundation.

  • The Basic Level course is made up of 10 modules with a total of 20 lessons.
  • The Intermediate Level course is made up of 13 modules with a total of 26 lessons.
  • The Advance level course is made up of 10 modules with total of 20 lessons.

Each module consists of material with an additional 5 hours worth of optional material which comprises of recommended exercises, recommended readings, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises

Grading System


  • Exam will be submitted to LRN in the U.K. where they will be assessed and graded by two examiners.
  • Examination : Writing(Online) Exam and Oral (Speaking)Exam.
Career Path

The ESOL course is designed to enhance your English skills, allowing you to study other academic courses which are taught in English.  The course objective is to prepare foreign language students to study at English language higher education institutions, working visa applications, study abroad, and employment requirements. Usually, students who study this course will have the intention to pursue a BA or MBA Qualification.

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